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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Secrets of King Solomon's Mind

Let the wisest man who ever lived help you get what you always wanted!

Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Search for the Treasures of King Solomon's Mind
Chapter One:
The First Pillar - Trust

Chapter Two:
The Second Pillar - Setting Your Course

Chapter Three:
The Third Pillar - Hearing the Voice

Chapter Four:
The Fourth Pillar - Materialism: The Reality and the Illusion

Chapter Five:
The Fifth Pillar - He Who Would Lead

Chapter Six:
The Sixth Pillar: - Choices

Chapter Seven:
The Seventh Pillar - The Song of the Heart


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Winning Combination (Part Two)

America has developed a high standard of living by creating want. Advertising is the preselling, but selling is what makes the wheels of progress go around. How sad, then, that company owners and managers pay so little attention to the part of their business that is most responsible for bringing in profit?
It is so easy to become preoccupied with the day-to-day “processing” of business that we have little time or energy left for “creating” more business. As one company owner commented, “If we don’t get to selling, we’re going to be worrying more and more about less and less.”

The truth is we don’t sell “services” and “supplies”… WE SELL PEOPLE who buy “service” and “supplies”.

Clearly, our objective must be to teach salespeople the arts of conviction and motivation so thoroughly that thy know them well enough not only to write them. But also to be able to use them in their day-to-day selling. Self-confidence comes from knowing specifically what to do and exactly how to do it.

The soul of professional salesmanship is knowledge, skill and style!

The product knowledge and people knowledge to know what to do to convince the prospect that they are “justified” in acting now… and skill in how to help the prospect motivate themselves to “Want” the results of your recommendation. Finally, the soul to make it all so natural and mutually rewarding… that the experience engraves your name upon their memory as a caring and competent professional!

The serious sales practionioners need what all the recognized professions such as medicine, law, engineering and architecture have – an accumulated and documented body of knowledge, a generic language and a structured approach to achieve their objectives.

If you are not completely happy with your current sales and earnings, this may be a good time to invest in yourself by improving your knowledge and skill levels in the art of selling.

If you make your living selling reprographics, when your feet hit the floor this morning you were in a real sense unemployed. If you are paid by salary – you can deny this by pointing to your salary check, but how long would that salary be forthcoming if you were unable to produce sales?

Your time that earns you money is the time you spend selling in the presence of a qualified prospect. “It’s not telling ‘em, but selling ‘em that gets results… and there is a big difference!”

Salespeople need help in acquiring these and sales managers need help in helping them.

“Selection and training of field sales managers has become one of the most acute problems facing top management.” - Harvard Business Review

  1. Over half of the sales managers surveyed had never read a job description of what they were supposed to do.
  2. 78% of these sales managers were dissatisfied with their training or had never received any specific training to equip them for their roles as sales managers.
  3. Only 1 out of every 44 companies surveyed had any kind of company sponsored sales manager’s training program. – American Management Association.

The degree of your people’s sales excellence is optional. “Continuing Education is the Wave of the Future” according to Dean Miller of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Administration.

What does “continuing education” cost? If it “costs”, we shouldn’t do it. If it is a good investment that can affect our bottom line favorably, we should have already done it. Right?

Today’s sales professionals want the self-confidence that comes from knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. What they really want to learn is how to structure a complete professional sales presentation in the proper psychological sequence to achieve maximum motivation. Why aren’t we giving them what they want?

Have you ever wondered what the ideal state-of-the-art professionally structured sales presentation of your product to your prospect would sound like?

If, indeed you are serious about improving “the most important three feet in your business” this may be a good time to invest in your differential advantage your people!

What will happen to that “profit picture” if you don’t fully optimize the potential of the most important three feet in your business? If you do, what can happen to your bottom line… your dreams?

Isn’t it great… you DO have a choice! You now have a viable alternative thanks to your IRA Education Committee, the IRA Board of Directors, selected sales professionals and sales managers from across the US and Canada, and in cooperation with Carl Stevens and Associates… you have the professional tools to improve your sales and profits, along with proven principles with industry specific applications that add up to a custom-designed state-of-the-art professional Sales Guide and Coach’s Guide. These guidelines help you make more sales, earn more money and have more fun doing it! IF you choose to do nothing – that is a choice. If you choose to do something – the results could be rewarding. Which will you choose, now!