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Thursday, May 26, 2005


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A treasure map is a picture of what you want. It is a road map to help you reach your personal goal. Here’s how it works. You place pictures of what you want on a piece of paper or cardboard.

Physically, your personal treasure map can take any form you want it to take. It can be in the form of a notebook with individual or fold out sheets, a large sheet of paper that can be folded or a wall map or poster board.

It is a visual reminder to reinforce our mental images and our sense of expectancy.

Our map reflects our thinking and helps us focus on our ultimate objective. The creation of our map is a positive act of faith, anticipation and possibility.

We don’t hit the target if we don’t aim for it in our personal and professional lives. Our map is a fun way, a tangible way, to help us better attract what we visualize. As we focus and visualize, we are actually beginning to accept our goals as we specifically plan toward them.

The more we concentrate on our ultimate target the sooner and more completely we will hit it. If we can aim for the bulls eye – what we really want, our feelings and thoughts can be intensified with anticipation.

Our map provides us a visual reminder so we can more steadily hold our vision on our desired end results.

This whole experience is more than a childish “cut-out, paper and paste” exercise, it is a tangible way to organize our thoughts and emotions into a meaningful synergistic thrust. Treasure-mapping forces us to make deliberate choices… to think. Our thoughts are translated into visuals that can be arranged into a goal directed exercise.

Our maps must be personal. Our design that has a unique meaning for us. One that we can review when we are along… to emotionalize… “perchance to dream”!

If you choose to do more than one map – it will help to prioritize your goals. Arrange your desired targets in a logical, timely and sequential order. Decide exactly what you want and when you want it. Let your map reflect your desires.

Make your map simple, meaningful and with vivid pictures. Should your photos/pictures be in color? Yes, color helps us focus our attention better and to remember the image more vividly. Our watching television has helped us become accustomed to color. Which do you prefer to watch, a black and white or color movie?

We think in pictures. Words trigger pictures, so, please place some positive affirmations with each picture. This will add strength to your expectancy of achieving your destination.


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