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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Does Your Handshake Reveal The Real You?

Some writers believe your handshake reveals your personality. Who you are is in your handshake according to internationally known psychic Anthony Legget: "Before a word is said a handshake tells you a lot about a person."
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He continues, "The powerful shaker takes your hand squeezes it then throws it back at you. This person is basically insecure and is putting on a front. The cold fish is weak in character and has a general dislike for people, and he'll put you on the defensive. The elbow pumper will hold your hand and pump away as if trying to draw water. They need to be loved and accepted."

Women express themselves more subtly when shaking hands. Some may even choose to nod meaningfully. If the person is genuine you will feel heat, softness and strength in their grip. You will feel they are offering friendship as if they were opening a door for you.

Is your handshake an asset or liability? Your handshake is your first physical contact with your prospect. You want to make the most favorable impression possible so, let's learn the DIPLOMAT'S secret. Presidents of the United States and State Department Diplomats are instructed in the most correct technique for shaking hands. Here's one of these:

Always go for the thumb. Interlock your hand with your prospect's so that the handshake is firm. Don't crush your prospect's hand. No one likes to be made uncomfortable. Finally, when shaking a woman's hand, turn it so that her palm is down. Do not shake a woman's hand unless it is offered to you.

Be overtly conscious of your handshake, practice using the Diplomat's Secret and be alert for the opportunity to use it correctly on your prospects.

Smile, it's contagious! If you are glad to meet your prospect, let him or her know it with a genuine smile. Smile, it's a bargain. It takes 72 facial muscles to frown . . . but only 14 to smile!

Do you like to be around pleasant people? Try to be a "pleasant person" with your prospect because FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT.

A possible reward awaits you if you are willing to do something "Different" or "Better" when you meet your next prospect!

How did you introduce yourself to your last prospect? Reflect a moment, exactly what did you say and do? By hindsight, was this necessarily the best way to introduce yourself?

Did you fall into the same pattern used by many salespeople who lack the time, energy and creative thinking to come up with a stimulating introduction but rather, "give up to the trite." "I am Carl Stevens with the Stevens Sales Company." Again, is this necessarily the best way? The great "I am" approach has been overworked.

Since most salespeople when they approach a prospect, immediately introduce themselves and their company, you should do some creative thinking so you can do something "different" because you want "better" results. Smart professional revenue producers have discovered that the "key" to a prospect's mind must be a statement or idea that opens his mind so that the next thought may enter. How about using some showmanship to get your prospect's attention away from his "thought-track" onto your "thought-track"? For example, give or show something with your left hand as you shake with your right hand.

Challenge yourself so you can be a better mover and shaker!


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