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Monday, May 16, 2005


Following are quotes from “Why People Buy: Motivation Research & It’s Successful Application” by the late Louis Cheskin (1909-1981), originally published by W. W. Norton & Company in June of 1959. At the time of this posting, a Google on this out of print book revealed a single used copy, circa 1960 being sold at an auction price of $385. This just shows that Mr. Cheskin’s work is still valuable to contemporary readers. Mr. Cheskin revolutionized the way companies think about color, logos and slogans in advertising.


“Purchase behavior is psychological. Persuasion must be used. Persuading means… influencing opinion or affecting attitudes by means of communication. It means not only informing, but educating, plus motivating. It means affecting the hearts as well as the minds of people.”

“To persuade a person, the message has to reach his emotions, not merely his sense of logic.”

“Many advertising men fail to realize that a sales message delivered is not the same as a sales message received.”

“Consumers make decisions in the marketplace, sometimes consciously and frequently unconsciously. Consumers are generally not aware of what motivates them to buy.”

“People are not always conscious of their wants.”

“Quality is not the same as customer acceptance.”

“People won’t tell how they feel about a product. They want to make a favorable impression.”

“Choices are made emotionally, must more frequently than rationally. The shopper is motivated by symbols, images, colors.”


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