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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


What are the success secrets of the high-performers? Dr. Charles A. Garfield with doctorates in mathematics and psychology, is a clinical professor at the University of California at San Francisco Medical School.

He has invested 15 years interviewing 1,200 of the top performers in business, education, sports, healthcare and the arts. He says their success techniques can be taught “in the same way you can teach people to play golf.”

Six characteristics mark optimal performers.

  • I can exceed my previous levels of accomplishment.
  • I avoid the status quo – comfort zone.
  • I do what I do for the art of it, guided by compelling internal goals.
  • I solve problems rather than place blame. I am trying to do a job rather than defend or perpetuate a job.
  • I confidently take risks after objectively laying out the worst scenario beforehand.
  • I rehearse coming actions and events mentally.
  • I am a master of delegation.

I mentally rehearse upcoming opportunities. I prepare both my facts and my psyche with a kind of purposeful daydreaming, visualizing and feeling the upcoming results.

I set out the worst that could possibly happen and decide whether I could live with that outcome… then I go for it.


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