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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Rockefeller once said, "The ability to deal with people is just as purchasable as sugar and salt and I will pay more for that ability than any other ability under the sun". The great men of history have not achieved their success through technical know-how alone, but the secret of their success is due to their ability to lead, motivate and inspire people.

The question is, have only a few lucky people been born with this ability, or can it be taught, learned and developed? Can we learn to control the behavior of the people around us without the use of force?

The various fields of engineering - mechanical, electrical and civil are based on rules and principles of Physics that is the study and application of the Natural Laws of our physical universe.

When an engineering problem arises, the engineer uses the "Scientific Approach" which is the proper application of the basic laws and principles pertaining to the particular problem or situation to achieve the right solution every time.

However, these laws and principles are applied to inanimate objects or "things" and they have no reciprocal effect on the engineer himself.

"People Engineering" is based on the rules and principles relating to and con­trolling human behavior or the action, reaction and inter-action of human beings. One great difference is that these rules and principles are not applied to inanimate "things" but to real, live human beings with a mind, will and emotions of their own who will react violently when they feel that they have been abused or treated unfairly.

In addition, the learning and development of skill in applying these principles will always have a tremendous effect on the "People Engineer" himself - and it will always be to the good. Before these principles work on other people, they must have worked on the engineer himself.

In order to become an effective "People Engineer" there are things you "Don't Do", things you "Show" and things you "Become".

Negative Principles

1. Don't criticize
2. Don't argue
3. Don't lie
4. Don't do all the talking
5. Don't use flattery

Positive Principles

1. Show appreciation
2. Show friendliness
8. Show empathy for his opinions and convictions
4. Show respect for his dignity

Personality Traits

1. Be sincere
2. Be humble
3. Be kind
4. Be patient
5. Be tolerant
6. Be fair
7. Be steadfast
8. Be honest
9. Be open-minded

As you become a more effective "People Engineer" you will find your life chang­ing in a remarkable way. Your relationship with your family will be happier and more satisfying. Your friendships will become richer, deeper and more valuable to you. You will gravitate to a place of leadership in your civic, social and business organizations that will satisfy the hidden longing deep within each of us to win the acclaim and recognition of the people around us.
The financial rewards are sure to follow because you will develop the highest priced commodity of our world today - The ability to control human behavior without the use of force.


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